CASA Organization

CASA is comprised of 4 cores and 3 projects:

Core A is the Administrative core that will coordinate all aspects of CASA.

Core B is the Analysis Statistics and Innovation core that will design and assist analysis by other cores/projects and devise novel methods of statistical analysis.

Core C is the Data Management and Information Transfer Core that will implement analyses designed by Core B and the projects. Core C will provide high-performance computing for CASA. These three cores are mandated by FOA PAR-12-183.

Core D is the In Silico Functional Genomics Core that will annotate AD-associated variants and perform pathway and interaction analyses.

Project 1 will evaluate variants detected in the sequence data for association with AD to identify protective and susceptibility alleles.

Project 2 will evaluate sequence data from multiplex AD families to identify variants associated with AD risk and protection, and evaluate variant co-segregation with AD.

Project 3 will focus on structural variants (insertion-deletions, copy number variants, and chromosomal rearrangements). The project will use existing methods and develop and implement novel approaches for detecting structural variants.

CASA interaction with ADSP